Nick Jackson

Developer, data-wrangler and advocate of technology for good and awesome.

Smart Home

I'm on a quest to make my home 'smart', or at the very least mildly more intelligent than most. Here's what I use.


I use devices which talk to Apple HomeKit, so I can use my iPhone and Siri to change things. I can also use my Apple TV as a base station to allow remote control.

There is also an Echo Dot which I occasionally holler commands at when I'm in the living room.


Energy for my home is provided by Bulb. It's 100% renewable electricity, 10% biogas, cheaper than most other providers, will pay your exit fees from another provider, and if you sign up using my referral link you'll get a £50 credit on your account.


Lights are all IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs, with a matching base station and a few remotes. These aren't hugely expensive, either for bulbs or the base station, but have a good range of features.


I've replaced my wall thermostat and radiator thermostats with ones from tadoº, which control temperature in a far more intelligent way, save money and save energy.


I use IKEA SYMFONISK speakers to get noise around my house in a smart way. They're part of the Sonos ecosystem.