Nick Jackson

Developer, data-wrangler and advocate of technology for good and awesome.

Going Green

We've only got the one planet, so here's how I'm trying to reduce my impact on it.

Carbon Offset

I use Ecologi to actively offset my carbon footprint by planting trees and investing in carbon reduction schemes.

Drive Electric

I drive an electric car, which I get from Onto. If you decide to use them, pop in the referral code 135ca.

Reduced Meat Diet

Producing meat is one of the most carbon-intensive things we do. So I'm eating less of it, and keeping track using No Meat Today. You don't have to go vegan or even vegetarian to make a difference, just eat less meat.


Energy for my home is provided by Bulb. It's 100% renewable electricity and 10% biogas, reducing the amount of carbon it takes to light and heat my home.


I've replaced my wall thermostat and radiator thermostats with ones from tado┬║, which control temperature in a far more intelligent way and save energy.


I use smol for my laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets. They're super-concentrated so are easier to ship, and pop through your letterbox in recyclable packaging.

I also use Splosh for some other cleaning products, including hand soap, shower gel, washing up liquid, fabric conditioner and toilet cleaner. The bottles are refillable, the refill pouches are super-concentrated so they're easier to ship and fit through your letterbox, and Splosh will recycle the pouches for you when they're empty. Oh, it smells nice too. Use the code Q7PHN3887P at checkout for 15% off.

Loo Roll

Toilet roll comes from Who Gives A Crap. They also help build toilets, giving more people access to sanitation across the world.