Nick Jackson

Developer, data-wrangler and advocate of technology for good and awesome.

Going Green

We've only got the one planet, so here's how I'm trying to reduce my impact on it.

Carbon Offset

I use Offset Earth to actively offset my carbon footprint by planting trees and investing in carbon reduction schemes.


Energy for my home is provided by Bulb. It's 100% renewable electricity and 10% biogas, reducing the amount of carbon it takes to light and heat my home.


I've replaced my wall thermostat and radiator thermostats with ones from tado┬║, which control temperature in a far more intelligent way and save energy.


I use smol for my laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets. They're super-concentrated so are easier to ship, and pop through your letterbox in recyclable packaging.

I also use Splosh for some other cleaning products, including hand soap, washing up liquid, fabric conditioner and toilet cleaner. The bottles are refillable, the refill pouches are super-concentrated so they're easier to ship and fit through your letterbox, and Splosh will recycle the pouches for you when they're empty.