Nick Jackson

Developer, data-wrangler and advocate of technology for good and awesome.





Developer, mySociety

My role at mySociety most recently involved working with Facebook on a project to collect, sanitise and re-use data on politicians. In this role, I was part of on a small team responsible for building and maintaining ETL tools and pipelines, agreeing on data models with third parties and improving the structured data available on tens of thousands of politicians worldwide.

Before this, I took part in several other projects. These included developing internal services which collected, analysed and presented data on the usage of our products over time. As part of mySociety's research team, I helped conduct research on user needs and behaviours. I was involved in a large amount of refactoring of a legacy PHP application to bring it up to modern standards. As a member of the on-call technical staff, I was also responsible for maintaining current system administration skills.

This role predominantly was working remotely, managing my own time effectively and juggling a variety of tasks based on developing priorities. I also needed to switch between working in isolation and a larger team, depending on the project.

Lead Web Developer, University of Lincoln

As a lead web developer, I was responsible for the overall technical design, development and implementation of the University of Lincoln’s Research Data Management platform. This system was responsible for orchestrating the flow of both raw research data and supporting metadata between various University systems and departments, as well as guiding researchers through processes and presenting summary information to decision-makers. This project included elements of technology evaluation, stakeholder analysis, and development, deployment and support of a full-stack software product.

Alongside developing this platform, I was responsible for the ongoing support and maintenance of existing systems, including a centralised data warehouse and various data pipelines, as well as informing policy decisions on research data management.

Online Services Developer, University of Lincoln

During my time as an Online Services Developer, I worked on several projects ranging from evaluation and report-writing through to development and integration of entirely new solutions. These projects involved a variety of stakeholders both within the department and across the Institution, making clear communication and reporting skills an essential aspect.

This role also allowed for an amount of discretionary time which I could apply to ‘blue sky’ development of systems and ideas, several of which were adopted by the Institution. I was also responsible for pushing forward improvements to service monitoring, automated testing and source control in the department.

Voluntary Roles

I am a member of the Parochial Church Council of St Mary's Church, Whitkirk, and a trustee of the same. Alongside this, I take several active roles in the community including editing the Parish magazine, maintaining the Church's website, managing aspects of the Church's communications both online and in print, and am the Data Protection Officer.

I am also the Publicity Officer and member of the Committee for Whitkirk Arts Guild Theatrical Society. This role involves building and maintaining relationships with other groups, regular customers, advertisers and members of the press.



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