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HTML By Hand

16 Apr 2014

Wondering why I’m blogging about this? Read more about my quest for badges!

One of the more unusual things that the Webmaking 101 course has me doing is writing HTML by hand. On paper. With a pen.

Unfortunately, whilst I have a pen, I don’t have any paper. Fortunately, I do have my trusty iPad, a stylus, and the Paper app. The page that I’ve been tasked with building is pretty simple (and it’s even HTML5), meaning that I was able to scrawl it down relatively quickly (and in one go). Bonus points if you can actually decipher my total absence of penmanship.

My hand-scrawled HTML

If you can’t tell what I’ve written, don’t worry. I’m going to type it out here as well (from memory, in case you’re wondering).

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <title>Hi world!</title>
        <h1>Hi world!</h1>
        <p>All by hand!</p>

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