Nick Jackson

Developer of the interwebs, advocate for technology for good and awesome, enjoyer of fine ales and good food.

Smart Home

I'm on a quest to make my home 'smart', or at the very least mildly more intelligent than most. Here's what I use.


Energy for my home is provided by Bulb. It's 100% renewable electricity, 10% biogas, cheaper than most other providers, will pay your exit fees from another provider, and if you sign up using my referral link you'll get a £50 credit on your account.


I use devices which talk to Apple HomeKit, so I can use my iPhone and Siri to change things. I can also use my Apple TV as a base station to allow remote control.

There is also an Echo Dot which I occasionally holler commands at when I'm in the living room.


Lights are all IKEA TRÅDFRI bulbs, with a matching base station and a few remotes. These aren't hugely expensive, either for bulbs or the base station, but have a good range of features.

Power Switching & Monitoring

Switching individual sockets on and off is done using WIFIPLUG HOME, which don't need a base station and which monitor energy usage of connected devices as well as switching them on and off..


I've replaced my wall thermostat and radiator thermostats with ones from tadoº, which controls temperature in a far more intelligent way, saves money and saves energy.